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Our staff’s goal is to provide excellent patient care and useful client education.  The Front Desk staff (Reception) will book your appointments, answer your initial questions, and check you in and out.  Our Exam Room Assistants and Veterinary Technicians will take a brief history to find out what concerns you may have regarding your pet and his or her care.  They then help the doctors and perform many procedures such as toe nail trims, blood draws and Xrays. When your pet has to be hospitalized for surgery or medical care the technicians check their vital signs throughout the day, administer medications and keep them comfortable. Our staff  are experienced, trained and knowledgeable and THEY LOVE PETS!


SeungJun Lee, DVM, MS


Dr. SeungJun Lee has a variety of experience in veterinary medicine and has worked in many different roles throughout his career.  For two years, he served in the Korean Army as an officer in the DMZ.  In 2008, he obtained his Master’s Degree in Veterinary Internal Medicine.  In Columbia, South Carolina and also in Broomall, PA, Dr. Lee rendered emergency services at urgent-care facilities.  As an Associate Doctor in Bethlehem, PA and a Medical Director of a veterinary hospital in Norristown, Pennsylvania, he gained additional medical skills and leadership capabilities.  Dr. Lee was also formerly acting Associate Veterinarian at Antietam Valley Animal Hospital.  In early 2016, he purchased the hospital and now assumes ownership and responsibility of the practice. Within his 15 years of experience, he has become a very well-balanced and caring veterinarian. His first goal is to relieve any pain or suffering that a patient in his care may have. Hist Special interest is Internal medicine, Ultrasound, and Orthopedic surgery including TPLO procedures. 


He has two energetic children, Ayden and Khloe, super-energetic JRT Lulu, with a supportive wife, Halle, who in the past, taught at Princeton University.  His favorite hobbies are spending time with family bike and running.   


Pamela J Mueller DVM, Ph.D., CCRT (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist) 

Dr. Pamela (PJ) Mueller grew up in Chester County, surrounded by a veritable zoo of pets that included at various times dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, finches, parakeets, turtles, fish, ponies, and horses. She fled the East Coast to attend college at Reed in Portland, OR, where she studied (of course) Biology, learned calligraphy and climbed mountains. Following college she lived in Germany and Belgium (becoming proficient in French and German), then fulfilled a childhood dream to work in Africa by spending three years in the rainforest of the Congo, teaching high school science. Upon returning to the US, Dr. Mueller worked on animal-powered farms (using oxen and horses to plow) in Michigan and Alabama to prepare further for a career with animals. She then completed both a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at Cornell University in Ithaca NY (2008).  Dr. Mueller has practiced small animal medicine at clinics in North Carolina, Bethlehem PA, and Philadelphia.  She is certified in Canine Rehabilitation (physical therapy) and takes a special interest in both athletic and geriatric dogs. Currently, she lives in West Chester PA with two border collies with whom she competes in Agility and Sheepdog Trials across the United States. Her "spare dog" is a terrier named Tick who excels at sleeping. If you ask her for a memorable achievement she will tell you that she can train chickens, a feat that once landed her a spot on TVs very silly game show "The Weakest Link".  

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