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Orthopedic Surgery

When bones and joints are the problems, we are here to help.  Orthopedic surgery involves a specialized class of surgical tools and techniques. Our surgeon Dr. Lee has undergone extra training to equip him with the skills necessary to safely and successfully perform a selected number of orthopedic procedures. Your pet will be evaluated with a physical exam and X-rays and a surgical plan proposed and discussed with you. Surgeries that are beyond our scope we will refer to a Board-Certified surgical specialist.


Orthopedic surgeries performed:

  • Cruciate rupture repair (torn ACL)  

    • TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy)

    • Extra-capsular repair (Lateral Suture)

  • FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) for hip dislocation and other conditions of the hip

  • Luxating Patella Repair for MPL (medial patella luxation)

  • Fracture Repair plating under limited conditions

TPLO picture.png
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